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As an average, 8 tablets per day for the average person who is feeling depleted will be a good long-term average. Another yardstick for daily dosage is roughly one tablet per 7.5 kg to 10 kg (16.5 – 22 pounds) bodyweight for people under stress (including exercise stress and illness) and 1 tablet per 15 kg bodyweight for healthy individuals. This is a “maintenance” dose but there is an initial loading period when the product is being used to boost amino acid pools in the body, peptide production (nearly 300,000 possible types of peptides for nearly all functionality) and used for essential repair. These dosages are not strict, they are guidelines, the result of your dose should be increased energy, focus, clarity, improved mood, increased endurance and an overall feeling of wellbeing. If you are not feeling this, increase your dose, if you are feeling anything adverse, reduce your dosage right down and build up slowly – adverse reactions are generally corrected, but if anything persists, please cease taking immediately and contact [email protected] to discuss. The first 3 days are to be considered the loading period. It is recommended that one boosts the daily dose by 50% to 100% and spread it out over the course of the day, starting first thing in the morning with at least 4 tablets. A night-time dose of 2 to 4 tablets is advised for refreshing sleep and overnight recovery. Please start with 2 tablets. A good sleep is characterized as a deep sleep (necessary for body and muscle recovery) but you will also likely experience vivid dreams due to improved REM state (required for increased brain energy during the day). Normally, improvements will happen within 3-6 days, although increased mental and physical energy will occur within 30 minutes for a healthy person, but this will only occur in a person with a degenerative state after their body changes to a more balanced anabolic state, which may be a few days. For some people in a very severely depleted state, the body does need a change in diet to force it to adapt the polypeptides for rebuilding your body and for the nutrients to do their job. One has taken a high enough dose when there is excess energy. If you wean yourself off the loading dose and energy disappears, then revert to the loading dose and wait a few more days before weaning yourself to a lower dosage. There is no real upper limit to the number of tablets you can take a day. So it is okay to adjust the dose to what feels the best to you.
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