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Recovery Factors 240 Tablets


Boost your energy with this unique immune support complex derived from animal serum proteins. Contains all 20 amino acids the human body requires for growth and regeneration.
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Item: Recovery Factors®

Manufacturer: Recovery Nutraceuticals, Inc.

Quantity: 240 Tablets

Recommendations: Take four tablets twice daily on an empty stomach. If too energising, reduce the dosage. If any form of nausea is experienced, take with food or reduce the dosage.


Recovery Factors® was originally developed as a unique nutritional support supplement for people not receiving adequate nutrition. But soon after people began taking it, something fascinating happened.

Serendipitously, it was found that that using this supplement for people not receiving adequate nutrition in Africa resulted in other remarkable benefits. This included dramatic improvements in fatigue, post exertion malaise, brain fog and pain following exercise. Having heard about this, a few researchers in the US who treated very complex conditions decided to try it.*

What happened was near miraculous. People who had been hopelessly very inactive and feeling without energy improved dramatically. When they ran out of this unique product, the people taking it were desperate to get more. So the doctors found a source for this, and decided to do a research study.*

With remarkable effects. For more information on this, see the study.

This unique porcine derived immune support complex has been used for over a decade in countless people not receiving adequate nutrition. Derived from animal serum proteins, it contains all 20 amino acids the human body requires for growth and regeneration (not just the 9 essential amino acids that are sometimes considered a whole protein), in a unique and proprietary di- and tri-peptide form.

It has been very well tolerated. It contains no gluten, shellfish, soy, GMO, dairy or other products that people frequently have sensitivity to. It is not vegetarian but its structure contains the smallest amino acid peptides, so people whose digestion normally cannot tolerate animal products are able to tolerate it.

Safety and Purity

This supplement has been used in countless thousands of people for well over a decade. With no significant problems being seen.*

The product is derived entirely from porcine blood components (i.e., from pigs). This is a special unique herd that is raised humanely and in a very clean and healthy environment, as they are raised specifically for heart valves for human valve replacement surgery. It is predominantly a purified serum protein.

Why It Works

The simple answer is we just don't know. What we do know is that it helps a vast array of people with diverse conditions, suggesting more foundational levels of support are being provided within the body.*

Meanwhile, people have found their lives dramatically improved on it. Being very safe, as a very powerful and unique form of nutritional support, we have moved forward, at their request, to make the product available.*

We do have some guesses about how it works which we are researching. Our suspicion is that it helps to rebalance immune function. But as scientists, we have learned to first see what is, and then work to understand why.

Peptides are more easily absorbed and more bio-available than amino acids (the usual building blocks of proteins). Protein is a general term given to everything made from polypeptide structures, but it is very different from source to source. By way of analogy, amino acids are like random words. This unique mix is like a book written from these words. How they are combined makes all the difference in the world.

The porcine immune system is in many ways very similar to humans. Which is one reason why pigs are usually used in research. But their very strong immune system is what allows them to wallow in mud without getting sick…

Meanwhile, different proteins can break your body down, while others help to build it up. This can occur in countless different ways. The decades of experience using it for malnutrition has shown that this protein uniquely helps build a person's body back up.

Protein nutrition is the forgotten science, and incredibly important. Because protein/peptide maintenance is critical for nearly everything functional and structural in the body.

As Carl Sagan says, "The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together."

The Bottom Line

This unique mix has been used safely for over a decade. There are numerous ways that Recovery Factors may be working to help your body. We are currently doing research to study these further. But in the interim, while we figure it out, the research is showing Recovery Factors to be dramatically helpful. Helping healthy people feel healthier, and people with poor function recover their vitality!*

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