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No, there is no special diet that is required. However, we strongly recommend that you see our Dosing page, which includes some optional dietary recommendations that can be very helpful.
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The overwhelming response from people is that they experience deep sleep with vivid dreams, especially when taking Recovery Factors at bedtime. This is indicative of both deep sleep and REM states, which are both required for regeneration of the body and brain ( In our recent study, the average improvement in sleep in the 60% of people who improved was 53.8%.

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There will be similar benefits across the board to consuming the right nutrition for your body. If there are no significant impediments, then your body will use the nutrients in Recovery Factors to potentially replenish nearly 300,000 types of peptides and over 30,000 different protein types in the body. Because of its purity and high quality, nitrogen balance should improve in the body and there will often be increased rate of hair and nail growth along with improved overall condition of the body. Proper nutrition for the body results in lower internal stress on the body, which in turn results in a greater likelihood of the body becoming more anabolic ( Anabolism is characterized as growth, repair and regeneration – along with restoration of normal energy levels, normal peptide/enzyme/hormone levels and normal levels of functionality. If this is not achieved, then there is either some sort of physical impediment preventing the body from moving to an anabolic state or the levels of nutrients in the bloodstream are not enough and more needs to be ingested. The dosage should be spread out over the course of the day because there is a mechanism which should be understood – your body is going to use the nutrients for nearly every function in the body, they will be used up and an excess will eventually be oxidized, so the goal is to maintain a stable level in the bloodstream throughout the day.

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The body is almost entirely a protein body from the perspective of structure and function. Nearly every structure in the body has varying combinations of the 20 amino acids in Recovery Factors as it’s basis. In the same way, nearly all function in the body has peptides as its basis, comprised of varying combinations of the 20 amino acids in Recovery Factors as well. Recovery Factors provides the nutritional support for the body to improve anabolism which will improve growth, repair and regeneration of these underpinning protein structures, resulting in improved function and overall condition, evident as improved energy, focus, endurance, strength, sleep and overall feeling of wellbeing.

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