I can’t sleep because I feel too energized, what can I do?

The sleep/waking cycle is determined by circadian rhythms which in turn are managed by the production of melatonin and which is also responsible for the onset of sleep (https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/view/role-melatonin-circadian-rhythm-sleep-wake-cycle). Melatonin is metabolized from serotonin in the pineal gland. Serotonin has the opposite effect to melatonin – being, among other things, responsible for increased alertness. By taking at least 2 tablets at bedtime (2 to 4 tablets is the range people generally take at bedtime), sufficient nutrient levels are available for the metabolism of serotonin levels to melatonin and generally this corrects the issue had by some people of not being able to go to sleep.

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