I get a headache when taking Recovery Factors, why is that?

There are many possible reasons why one would get a headache, but these are mostly a reflection of an imbalance in the body. Recovery Factors is highly energizing, because it increases the overall functionality of the body by supplying available nutrients to an otherwise-depleted body. This can result in things such as increased xenobiotic metabolism (also known as “Drug Metabolism”, which involves the act of metabolizing chemical agents in the body by the liver…colloquially referred to as “detox”). Your body has a certain capacity for these necessary functions and if exceeded, they can result in headaches. The solution is to bring the dose of Recovery Factors right down and increase it slowly over time. Bring it down to 1 per day, then increase it by 1 per day, every other day until one gets to a normal dose. Stay on the normal dose for 2 weeks before moving to a loading dose to charge up and energize the body. This will give adequate time for your body to balance itself and perform sufficient levels of detoxification before accelerating the processes in the body.

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